2016 Collisions Other Non-Fatal Single-Engine PAC 750XL Training VA Warrenton

PAC-750 Non-Fatal Warrenton, VA September 9, 2016

The pilot reported that this was his third skydiving flight of the day and he performed a back taxi on the
runway for takeoff. He further reported that as he rotated the airplane for takeoff, he heard a “steady”
stall warning horn, the flight controls felt mushy, and the airplane would not climb. The pilot reported
that he aborted the takeoff and applied max braking and reverse thrust, but the airplane overran the
runway remaining. Subsequently, the landing gear collapsed and the airplane collided with a fence.

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2005 DHC-6 Twin Otter Loss of Aircraft Control Non-Fatal Non-Fatal Multi-Engine OH Rittman Training

DHC-6 Non-Fatal Rittman, OH June 4, 2005

Rittman, OHThe purpose of the flight was for the second pilot to perform an evaluation of the first pilot, who was recently designated by the operator as a backup pilot. Following several successful flights with and without passengers, the pilots discussed single engine operations, and the first pilot reduced the right engine’s power to flight idle and feathered the propeller.

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1993 C-182 Non-Fatal Non-Fatal Single-Engine Preflight Training

C-182 Non-Fatal Tucson, AZ April 25, 1993

The pilots were completing a parachute/orientation flight. After the parachutists exited, the airplane, with the first pilot at the controls, returned to the airport, descending at the maximum descent rate. The second pilot, a company check pilot, reported that the first pilot touched down simultaneously on the nose and right main landing gears at a high airspeed. The airplane subsequently swerved to the left and struck a bush located about 150 feet from the runway centerline and nosed over.

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