2016 Collisions Other DHC-6 Twin Otter Fentress Loss of Aircraft Control TX

DHC-6 Non-Fatal Fentress, TX April 9, 2016

The pilot reported that he was landing in gusty crosswind conditions following a parachute jump flight,
and that the gusty conditions had persisted for the previous 10 skydiving flights that day. The pilot
further reported that during the landing roll, when the nose wheel touched down, the airplane became
“unstable” and veered to the left. He reported that he applied right rudder and added power to abort the
landing, but the airplane departed the runway to the left and the left wing impacted a tree. The airplane
spun 180 degrees to the left and came to rest after the impact with the tree.

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2003 Beech King Air 90 Fentress Mechanical Failure Non-Fatal Non-Fatal Multi-Engine TX

Beech 65-A90 King Air Non-Fatal Fentress, TX October 17, 2003

The airplane lost engine power during descent. The 1,127-hour pilot elected to perform emergency engine out procedures and prepared for an emergency landing. After impact, the pilot observed the right engine nacelle engulfed in flames, which then spread to the fuselage. Review of the engine logbook revealed the engine was being operated in excess of 1,000 hours of the manufacturer’s recommended time between overhauls of 3,600 hours.

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1 2001 DHC-6 Twin Otter Fatal Fatal Multi-Engine Fentress Formation Flying Mid Air Prop Strike TX

DHC-6 Fatal (1) Fentress, TX May 27, 2001

A de Havilland DHC-6 and a Beech King Air 90 were to make a formation air drop of skydivers from 14,000 feet msl. The de Havilland was to be the lead aircraft with the King Air in trail. As the skydivers prepared to exit, the King Air was traveling faster than the de Havilland, and the pilot of the King Air had to pitch up and bank right to avoid the de Havilland.

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