2016 C-206 Turbo-Charged C-U206 Non-Fatal Single-Engine OK Skiatook

C-U206 Non-Fatal Skiatook, OK August 13, 2016

The private pilot reported that the accident flight was the second skydiving drop flight of the day. The
takeoff and initial climb were normal; however, between 900 and 1,000 ft above ground level, the
engine experienced a total loss of power. The pilot executed a forced landing to a field, resulting in
substantial damage to the airplane. About 5 gallons of fuel was removed from the airplane at the
accident site before transport. During a detailed examination, flight control cable continuity was
established from the cockpit to all control surfaces. The fuel selector valve was found between the right
tank and off position. The valve functioned normally when rotated by hand. Although the fuel selector
valve was found in between the “off” and right tank positions after the accident, it could not be
determined if the valve was in that position during the flight. The fuel strainer showed a small amount of
fuel present. The fuel was tested and the results were negative for water. There was a significant amount
of debris observed in the fuel strainer and the strainer bowl. The debris was consistent with caulking and
rust particles. The airplane had usable fuel onboard during the accident flight and the engine ran
smoothly during the day’s previous flight. Whether the debris found in the fuel filter bowl contributed to
the loss of power could not be determined.

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2011 C-182 Fuel Exhaustion Non-Fatal Non-Fatal Single-Engine OK Skiatook

C-182A Non-Fatal Skiatook, OK October 12, 2011

The pilot reported that he was descending to land after his final flight of the day. The airplane was about 1,500 to 1,700 feet above ground level and about 1.25 miles from the airport when the engine lost total power. The pilot made an emergency landing to an open field, and the airplane sustained substantial damage to the fuselage.

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2009 C-182 Non-Fatal Non-Fatal Single-Engine OK Skiatook

C-182A Non-Fatal Skiatook, OK May 23, 2009

The pilot stated that after departure and climbing to approximately 200 feet, the engine lost power and the airplane began to descend. During the forced landing the airplane struck a power line and impacted terrain resulting in substantial damage.

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