2016 Beech King Air 90 CO Longmont Non-Fatal Multi-Engine Tail Strike

Beech King Air 90 Non-Fatal Longmont, CO June 26, 2016

The commercial pilot was conducting a skydiving flight with 15 skydivers on board. The pilot reported
that, at 5,000 ft above ground level, he reconfigured the airplane for a climb and activated the interior
amber jump lights, which indicated that the door could be opened to spot the jump zone. Two jumpers
safely exited the airplane at that time. The pilot then initiated another climb. The pilot did not recall any
jump indication lights being illuminated in the cabin during the climb, and none of the remaining
jumpers notified him of any illuminated jump lights. However, three of the jumpers later reported that
the amber jump light remained illuminated at that time. One of the jumpers informed a senior jumper
from the operator that the light was on, but he indicated that it was not a problem, and the jumpers all
affirmed that no one informed the pilot that the amber light remained on.

Read the NTSB report.