2017 C-182 CT Ellington Loss of Aircraft Control Non-Fatal Single-Engine

C-182A Non-Fatal Ellington, CT June 1, 2017

According to the pilot, he landed the airplane on the 1,800-ft-long asphalt runway in the rain at 70 mph
with full flaps. He reported that, on final, he had considered conducting a go-around due to wind and
weather, but “we were low, slow, and 130 pounds below maximum gross weight with very dynamic
wind conditions at the time and …apartment buildings about 400 yards beyond the end of runway 19.”
During the landing, he touched down with a right crosswind, about 600 ft beyond the runway threshold.

Read the NTSB report.

2002 C-182 CA Ellington Fuel Exhaustion Non-Fatal Non-Fatal Single-Engine

C-182B Non-Fatal Ellington, CT June 24, 2002

After the parachutists jumped, the airplane was descending through 9,000 feet msl, and the engine lost partial power. The pilot verified that carburetor heat was on, the cowl flaps were closed, the fuel selector was positioned to “Both,” and the mixture was rich. She continued descending and entered a left traffic pattern for the runway. The pilot initially judged her pattern distance based on the available engine power.

Read the NTSB report…