1983 Beech 18 Loss of Aircraft Control Non-Fatal Non-Fatal Multi-Engine

Beech D-18 Non-Fatal Revenswood, WV July 30, 1983

After returning from a sport parachuting flt, the plt landed on rwy 3 with a 5-kt, right x-wind. He stated that the touchdown was normal, but when the tailwheel came down at aprx 40 kts, the acft started to turn to the left. He corrected with right rudder & brake, then the acft veered to the right. He then tried to correct back to the left, but the acft continued off the right side & came to rest in a ravine. After the accident, the plt reported a right brake malfunction. However, when he submitted an accident report, he indicated there was no mechanical failure or malfunction.

Read the NTSB report…

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