C-172 Fatal (4) Tremont City, OH July 16, 1994

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The pilot was asked by the airport manager to fly a parachute jump flight in a cessna 172. The manager suggested that the pilot make a soft field takeoff & climb straight out to gain altitude. Witnesses reported the takeoff and initial climb appeared normal, but at about 200′ agl, the airplane leveled off, then descended about 50′ and continued forward for a moment

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C-172 Non-Fatal Lake Arrowhead, CA August 13, 1988

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During a local parachute jump flight, the airplane was unable to gain enough altitude to clear rising terrain. The airplane collided with a tree and eventually the terrain. There were no reported mechanical failures or malfunctions. The acft handbook lists 2307 lbs as max gto wt. The acc acft weighed 2280 lbs. The cg was in the rear third of the envelope at aprx 103.35. The da was aprx 6200 ft. Read the NTSB...

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