2012 Beech King Air 90 Ferry Non-Fatal Non-Fatal Multi-Engine Sturtevant WI

B-90 King Air Non-Fatal Sturtevant, WI October 22, 2012

The pilot reported that the airplane floated during the landing flare, touched down long,
bounced, and went off the end of the runway. The airplane struck two ditches before coming to
rest on a road. The pilot stated that he should have recognized that braking action would be
significantly reduced with the possibility of hydroplaning, that pulling the power levers to the
stops before touchdown induced a lag in realization of reverse thrust, and that he should have
executed a go-around when the airplane floated before landing. No mechanical failures or
malfunctions of the airplane were reported. Heavy rain was reported about the time of the
accident at a nearby airport.

Read the NTSB report.

2005 Collisions Other Non-Fatal Non-Fatal Single-Engine PC-6 Pilatus Porter Sturtevant WI

PC-6 Non-Fatal Sturtevant, WI May 26, 2005

The parachute jump plane was substantially damaged when it collided with a parachutist on final approach for landing. The pilot was not able to maintain directional control and the airplane impacted trees and terrain near the airport. The pilot stated that he was on final approach for landing, when a parachutist “made a rapid descent and accelerated from behind [his] right wing.”

Read the NTSB report…