1990 DHC-6 Twin Otter Improper/Poor Maintenance Non-Fatal Non-Fatal Multi-Engine

DHC-6 Non-Fatal Perris Valley, CA December 9, 1990

After lift-off, at about 100 ft agl and 85 kts, the left eng decelerated and the airplane began to yaw and roll left. The pic aborted the takeoff, turned left and landed on a flat level field. The airplane struck a fence, then trees. Examination of the left eng revealed the loss of power was attributed to a fatigue fracture of a compressor turbine blade, which led to subsequent blade fractures. The right eng was examined and found to have advance wear on the throttle cam assembly of the power turbine governor. In a test cell, only aprx 28% of takeoff power could be achieved. The cam lobe wear had progressed over an extended period of time. The right engine prop governor was replaced 11/18/90, followed by a test run.

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