2012 5 Fatal Fatal Multi-Engine LET-410 Loss of Aircraft Control

LET-410 fatal (5) Borodyanka,Ukraine10 June 2012

A Let L-410 skydiving plane was damaged beyond repair in an accident at Borodyanka, Ukraine. Five people were killed. Fifteen occupants survived.
The airplane, carrying 18 skydivers and two crew members, crashed into a field.

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2012 C-208 Caravan Mechanical Failure Non-Fatal Non-Fatal Single-Engine

Cessna 208 Non-Fatal Lézignan-Corbières Airport, France Friday 25 May 2012

A Cessna 208B Super Cargomaster skydiving plane sustained substantial damage in an accident at Lézignan-Corbières Airport. The pilot was not injured.
The airplane had dropped some skydivers and returned to land. On finals the pilot reduced power, but instead the engine delivered more power.

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