I want to welcome over 100 new members! Thank you for taking an interest in the Facebook Group for my website www.DiverDriver.com. It has been a resource for jump pilots, DZOs and skydivers since December of 2000. The greatest problem I saw in the beginning was the lack of standard training, zero required training and training done by myth and legend. Institutional knowledge left the industry at a rapid rate as jump pilots moved on to other jobs. The same accidents were repeated with great regularity and there was no easily accessible list of jump plane accidents and causes to learn from.
So Christy West and I set out to create something that could be easily accessed any time and give detailed examples of how to safely and efficiently fly skydivers. Almost three years ago we set out to revamp the site and we have added a tremendous amount of usability.
The front page will show the latest blog entries of articles I or others have created about specific topics. Begin using the website by selecting training to get an over view of what you should expect from a DZ when learning to fly skydivers. Go through the training syllabus and practice written test. The answers may have a specific local answer so cannot be answered on this site.
Moving right across the menu bar you can select your specific aircraft you are interested in or going to check out in. These articles have been written by highly experienced DiverDrivers. But as always YOU MUST VERIFY ALL INFORMATION  before using it in your operation. We are trying to help you and lead you to a safe path for flying skydivers. We are not the manufacturer nor the FAA. We are giving you what the industry has inconsistently offered for decades.
Next you will read the blog. They are short discussions of specific topics of the day or a “I learned about flying jumpers from that” stories. Read back as far as you can. Gain the institutional knowledge from a vast experience. Don’t repeat the accidents of the past.
Regulations is the fifth selection and something I honestly didn’t know existed when I started flying jumpers. Don’t be that pilot who blindly walks into the job not knowing what you don’t know.
ACCIDENTS! This is the engine that drives the whole site but I don’t put it number one on the menu. This is where my analysis of the state of the industry comes from. I consider it a “Jump Plane” accident if the aircraft is used for skydiving purposes whether it was engaged in dropping jumpers on that flight or not. This differs from the USPA statistic. The reason behind my list is that I am educating the whole pilot. They need to know all the things they are getting in to. The Accident section is broken down in many ways. You can see by year back to 1982 what is happening. You can select the type of aircraft and see a complete list of your aircraft and the problems they’ve had. And you can select a particular cause and see how prominent it is.
Lastly we have open jobs, the shop where you can show your support for the site and the many contributors to making this site possible.
I don’t have all the answers. But I have a lot of them. Take your time. Read through it all. Don’t skim. You want your pilot certificate intact if and when you decide to move on from this job. I’m here to help you do that.
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