VirginiaSkydivingCenterMore than likely your first skydive was an exciting adventure that was a seamless process, at least hopefully it was from your point of view. Behind the scenes, there were countless hours of preparation and hundreds of thousands of dollars invested to help ensure your experience was a great one. Naturally, our students are mostly interested in the skydiving instructors and want to make sure we are using properly trained instructors. And we do focus a lot of our attention on the skydiving staff. But, there is another very important member of the team that helped you make your skydive-the pilot of your plane!

We recently put our pilots through extensive emergency procedure training, in our actual King Air airplane, not a simulator. All three pilots were well prepared and handled each emergency like a pro. But, we will continue to periodically run the pilots through this very expensive, voluntary training in an effort to keep everyone as safe as possible. Very few of our first-time customers think about the pilot. But, we wanted you to know that we are doing everything possible training not only our instructors, but also the pilots, to ensure we are doing everything possible to keep a level of safety that is unsurpassed.

Below is a shot of Scott Paul flying with the left engine shut down and the propeller feathered and stopped.